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(last update: August 19th, 2022)
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.Available 2022 foals

WT That Blues Man x Duallys Wild Lass (Wild Haired Cat)
Sorrel filly, born May 16, 2022, $5200
WT That Blues Man x Tcross FrostyBonanza
Bay roan filly, born June 29, 2022, $5800 

WT That Blues Man x Cats Okalena (Wild Haired Cat)
Sorrel filly, born July 26, 2022, $5200
Two Timin Shiner x Daisy Reyner
Sorrel filly, born May 12, 2022, $3500

Smart Shiny N Rugged x RS Poco Montana
Buckskin filly, born May 22, 2022, $3600
Smart Shiny N Rugged x Ame Go Red Glo
Buckskin stud colt, born June 5, 2022, $3500

Two Timin Shiner x Peptoes Lily
Sorrel filly, born May 11, 2022, $3500
Two Timin Shiner x Sweet Cinnamon Rey
Red roan filly, born June 4, 2022, $4200

2023 in-utero reservations (will be available in August 2022)

Deposits (in-utero-reservations) $500/$300 - refundable:

There is no obligation to buy the foal until a decision is made after the foal is born. The deposit is 100% refundable until this point.

When the foal is born the breeder will determine the price (we can give an estimate before the foal is born, however, this would not be a binding note). The prospective buyer will decide if he wants the foal within 2 weeks of notice after the foal is born and pictures could be provided.
If the buyer does not want the foal the deposit will be refunded in full immediately.
If the buyer wants the foal he will pay the remaining amount to make it a 50% deposit. The deposit becomes non-refundable at this point, unless the foal is not healthy and sound at day of pick up. Rest payment at day of pick up by Oct 31st, 2022, boarding fees apply after weaning.

This information is outdated, we will have mare updates in June 2022!

Available broodmares (last update: April 2022)
Due to wintery conditions some of the mares may not be available for shipping from December 1st until late Spring. 
We do not ship mares after January 1st farther than 200 miles to protect the pregnancy.
All mares are pasture exposed to one of our stallions.

Flit Miss Frenchman, 2008 bay mare, exposed to Two Timin Shiner
Sweet Cherry Whiz, 2011 sorrel mare, broke to ride, 2022 filly by Two Timin Shiner
2-in-1 $12000 *** available 06/22 ***

Daisy Reyner, 2007 sorrel mare, 2022 filly by Two Timin Shiner
2-in-1  $8000 *** available 06/22 ***
Dun Mixed, 2003 red dun mare, exposed to Plenty O Paddys Lena

Cowgurl Up Smartie, 2008 chestnut mare, exposed to Two Timin Shiner
Sweet Cinnamon Rey, 2008 sorrel mare, exposed to Two Timin Shiner

Paddys Barlady Two, 2007 palomino mare, exposed to Metallic Mist
Widget Reyna, 2007 bay mare, exposed to Two Timin Shiner
Available prospects   - 06-04-22: We have a 2019 filly by Metallic Mist available, please inquire. 

We sell most of our foals as weanlings and do not have 
prospects for sale very often.

Please check back in case one 
does become available!


Dualin With Cows - 2002 AQHA bay stallion
With adding new blood to our stallion row and limited pasture space available we decided to offer our herd sire Dualin With Cows for sale. We kept some of his daughters to keep his line going, he produces awesome, reliable ranch horses with a lot of bone and body.
Asking $4000, located in north east Wyoming
Available broodmares (last update: May 2022)
We will have several broodmares
available, exposed to a stallion 
for a 2023 foal.

Please check them out on our 
broodmare page here:

Available Saddle Horses (last update: May 2022)
We do not have any saddle horses available at this time.


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