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Terms & Conditions:

Deposits (horses 4 month of age and older) - non-refundable:

We can hold a horse with a 50% deposit for up to 2 weeks free of extra charge, for up to 3 month for US$160 to $260/month board&feed (depending on location and season) unless otherwise agreed. The deposit will be refunded if the horse was grossly misrepresented.

Deposits (weanlings) - non-refundable:

We hold a foal with a 50% deposit until pick up or weaning (October 31st the latest). Weanlings can stay with their dam free of charge until end of October of their birth year or until they are at least 4 month old. Boarding fees (US$160 to $260/month board&feed depending on location and season) apply November 1st on. 
The deposit will be refunded if the foal was grossly misrepresented or is not sound at day of pick up or weaning, whatever comes first.

Deposits (in-utero-reservations) - refundable:

There is no obligation to buy the foal until a decision is made after the foal is born. The deposit is 100% refundable until this point.

When the foal is born the breeder will determine the price (we can give an estimate before the foal is born, however, this would not be a binding note). The prospective buyer will decide if he wants the foal within 2 weeks of notice that the foal is born and pictures could be provided.
If the buyer does not want the foal the deposit will be refunded in full immediately.
If the buyer wants the foal he will pay the remaining amount to make it a 50% deposit. The deposit becomes non-refundable at this point, unless the foal is not healthy and sound at day of pick up. Rest payment at day of pick up by Oct 31st, 2023, boarding fees apply after weaning.
If no foal is born or the foal has any kind of deformation the deposit is refunded.

Soundness guarantee (horses 4 month of age and older):

We guarantee every horse sound (based on: sight out of both eyes, good air, hit the ground on all four and not to crib). This soundness guarantee will apply only to problems existing prior to sale time and not to problems caused after the sale. Horses boarded with us after purchase are considered property of the buyer/new owner and thus any health issues are the responsibility of the buyer at that point. 
The buyer has 14 days to have the horse vet checked and return the horse to the seller for a full money back refund. The vet check must specify the "unsoundness" of the horse in writing.

Soundness guarantee (foals sold before weaning):

The deposit will be refunded if the foal gets injured or developes any health issues before weaning or pick-up, whichever comes first. The responsibility goes over to the buyer on October 31st if not picked up by then. The buyer has then 14 days to have the horse vet checked and return the horse to the seller for a full money back refund. The vet check must specify the "unsoundness" of the horse in writing.

Travel Papers:

A brand Inspection will be provided where applicable at our expense. The buyer is responsible for shipping arrangements and coggins test or health certificates if needed. 
We can schedule a veterinarian in October to come to the ranch once for all weanlings, but we are too far off the beaten path to have a vet come for only one horse to the ranch. We may be able to discuss arrangements to take a broke horse to the vet or have a weanling moved to a more accessible location - please inquire beforehand. 


Unfortunately we can not deliver horses, but if you are interested in estimated shipping costs we recommend the website that offers shipping services. Our zip code is 82720 (Hulett, WY) for looking up shipping quotes. Zip code 57744 for the foals located in Rapid City, SD. In average you are looking at $1.25 per loaded mile for distances above 500 miles, and about $1.50 for distances less than 500 miles, with a licensed shipping company.

We may be able to deliver your foal to you within 300 miles, but won't be able to compete with shipping company prices.

Weanlings can not be picked up after November 1st in certain locations due to wintery conditions. We prefer pick up dates mid to end of October. Please discuss shipping dates with us before hiring a commercial shipper.


All Quarter Horse foals come with a certificate of registration and signed transfer report from AQHA unless otherwise noted. 
Due to AQHA being notoriously overworked please be patient and expect a bit of a delay until the certificates reach you.

Pictures on this page are weanlings that chose the 
wintering option with initial halter training and daily handling.
Reference Sires
Metallic Mist
Two Timin Shiner
Plenty O Paddys Lena
Dualin With Cows
Smart Shiny N Rugged

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