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Metallic Mist
Two Timin Shiner
WT That Blues Man
Boon Rey Von
Plenty O Paddys Lena
Dualin With Cows
Smart Shiny N Rugged
Dorky Frosty Spark

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Stallion Row
Working Cowhorse, Cutting, Reining, and Roping bloodlines by
WT That Blues Man
(Boon A Little x High Brow Cat daughter)

Metallic Mist
(Metallic Cat x Hickory Badger Ina by Doc's Hickory)

Two Timin Shiner
(One Time Pepto x Shining Spark daughter)

Boon Rey Von
(Stevie Rey Von x Sweet Little Boon by Smart Little Lena)

Plenty O Paddys Lena
(Paddys Irish Whiskey x Doc O Dynamite daughter),

Dualin With Cows
(Dualin Gun x Mucho Playboy daughter),

Smart Shiny N Rugged
(Shining Dillon Dun It x Little Lido daughter)

Dorky Frosty Spark (deceased)
(Frosty Feature x Dorky Benito Bar)

Paddysbarman (retired)

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WT That Blues Man  -  2005 AQHA stallion
sire Smart Little Lena
(NCHA $577,652)
Boon A Little
(NCHA $118,405)
Autumn Boon (Dual Pep)
(NCHA $244,470)
WT That Blues Man
(LTE $22,957)
dam High Brow Cat
(NCHA $110,102)
CD Chica San Cat
(NCHA money earner)
CD Chica San Badger (Peppy San Badger)
(NCHA $204,773)

Please click here for more information and pictures of 
WT That Blues Man
Two Timin Shiner  -  2010 AQHA stallion
sire Peptoboonsmal
One Time Pepto
(NCHA 256,243.94)
One Time Soon (Smart Little Lena)
Two Timin Shiner
dam Shining Spark
Sue C Shiner
(LTE: $22,850)
Sue C Sun (Zan Parr Bar)

Please click here for more information and pictures of Two Timin Shiner: Two Timin Shiner
Boon Rey Von  -  2020 AQHA stallion
sire Metallic Cat
(LTE $637,711)
Stevie Rey Von
(LTE 420,903)
Miss Ella Rey (LTE $378,688)
(Dual Rey x Smart Chic Olena dtr)
Boon Rey Von
dam Smart Little Lena
(LTE $743,275)
Sweet Little Boon
(PE: $115,000+)
Lena Boon 
(Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Lena dtr)

Please click here for more information and pictures of 
Boon Rey Von
Dualin With Cows  -  2002 AQHA stallion
sire Dual Pep (NCHA 302,053.60)
(Peppy San Badger x Docs Remedy daughter)
Dualin Gun
Miss Silver Pistol (NCHA 500,876.05)
(Doc's Hickory x Kings Pistol daughter)
Dualin With Cows
dam Mucho Playboy (NCHA 25,968.96)
(Freckles Playboy x Doc Bar daughter)
Mucha Monet
Senorita Smooth 
(Smooth Herman x Two Eyed Jack daughter)

Please click here for more information and pictures of Dualin With Cows: Dualin With Cows

Metallic Mist  -  2013 AQHA stallion
sire High Brow Cat
(High Brow Hickory x Smart Little Kitty)
Metallic Cat
(NCHA $574,494)
Chers Shadow
(Peptoboonsmal x Shesa Smarty Lena)
Metallic Mist
2013 red roan stallion dam Doc's Hickory
(Doc Bar x Miss Chickasha)
Hickory Badger Ina
(offspring earnings of over $477,000) 
Prima Badgerina
(Peppy San Badger x Freckles Memory)

Please click here for more information and pictures of Metallic Mist: Metallic Mist
Smart Shiny N Rugged  -  2017 AQHA stallion
sire Matt Dillon Dun It (NRHA $115,790, 
NRCHA $34,547, NCHA $114.21)
(Hollywood Dun It x Rosalie Dillon)
Shining Dillon Dunit
Shiners Remedy
(Shining Spark x  Docsanfridee)
Smart Shiny N Rugged
2017 perlino stallion Ee/AA/CrCr
5 panel N/N
dam Little Lido (NCHA $38,074)
(Smart Little Lena x Docs Palido)
Smart Little Larky
Larks Hidden Cash
(Rugged Lark x Majestic Bandita)

Please click here for more information and pictures of Smart Shiny N Rugged: Smart Shiny N Rugged
Plenty O Paddys Lena  -  2000 AQHA stallion
sire Mr San Peppy
Peppy San Badger
sire Sugar Badger
Paddys Irish Whiskey
dam Doc Bar
Doc's Starlight
Tasa Tivio
Plenty O
Paddys Lena
sire Doc Olena
Doc O Dynamite
dam Gay Bar Dixie
Movin Easy Lena
dam Easy Move
Easy April Bar
April Sal Bar

Please click here for more information and pictures of Plenty O Paddys Lena: Plenty O Paddys Lena
Paddysbarman  -  2006 AQHA stallion -
Reference Sire
sire Peppy San Badger (Mr San Peppy)
Paddys Irish Whiskey 
sire Doc's Starlight (Doc Bar)
Plenty O Paddys Lena 
dam Doc O Dynamite (Doc Olena)
Movin Easy Lena
Easy April Bar (Easy Move x Easy Jet)
June 12, 2006 sire Sir Beat
Chief Blue Duck
dam Thunder Sprite
dam Bear N Trouble
Sniffles Bar Lady
Bar L Sniffles
Dorky Frosty Spark  -  1993 AQHA stallion -
Reference Sire
sire Truly Truckle (TB)
Truckle Feature 
sire Feature That
Frosty Feature
dam Leo
Miss Leo Frost 
Blue Frost
Dorky Frosty Spark
sire Docs Benito Bar
(Doc Bar)
Benito Bar Jack 
dam Sally Jack 
(Two Eyed Jack)
Dorky Benito Bar
dam Tonto Bar Ted
(Tontos Bar Hank)
Scamp's Doll 
(Leo Scamp)
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